Sierra Madre Water Corporation

Bulk Water Supply Project For Metro Manila

The project is to provide a major alternate supply for Metro Manila, which currently relies on Angat dam as its only source. A total water resource of 2,500 MLD has been developed, using 14 rivers in the water rich Laguna and Quezon areas. Exclusive water rights have been obtained for a major portion of the resource, with applications under process for the remainder. Technical feasibility was conducted by Snowy Mountains Engineering of Australia, with assistance on hydrology by the National Hydraulic Research Center of the University of the Philippines.

  • Concept Map
  • Development Sequence
  • Top View of one of the rivers
  • One of the Rivers
  • Men working to provide accurate information
  • Pristine waters
  • Part of the Geology Study
  • Bore holes and drills
  • Bore holes and drills
  • Bore holes and drills